Dr. Vernon Coleman explains why mass vaccinations can lead to Armageddon

Friday of the Second Week of Easter, April 16, 2021

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Here is an important discussion by an established and credible author (vernoncoleman.com or vernoncoleman.org) about the road we are taking with mass vaccinations.

Vernon Coleman on Brand New Tube
Vernon Coleman on Gab TV

Dr. Vernon Coleman's message is that these experimental COVID vaccines are even more dangerous than previously discussed by Dr. Lee Merritt in my last newsletter.  Coleman's topic can be considered as the part 3 result of vaccinations over and above  what Dr. Merritt described in my newsletter of April 14, 2021.

After discussing many of the same reasons Dr. Merritt gave for why the COVID vaccines can be lethal to the recipient, Dr. Coleman talks about another and even more catastrophic effect on society.

We are using the wrong weapon in the COVID war by giving the vaccine to nearly everyone.  He explains that  the vaccinated population will itself  become an additional problem.   They will encourage the development of more dangerous mutations of the virus, and their transformed immune systems will not be able to fight those new mutations effectively.  He goes on to explain that this new point was probably not well understood by the developers of the COVID vaccines now on the market.

Before vaccination the body has natural killer cells among the white blood cells which combat viruses in ordinary course.  However, after vaccination, a person's healthy immune system is changed.  What happens is the specific antibodies produced by the vaccine "take over" in our immune systems and are PERMANENT.  Now the immune system which previously worked to get rid of the coronaviruses naturally becomes quite unable to fend off the new mutations that are being collectively created among the vaccinated population.

So what good is it to have a mass vaccination project?  The crux of the problem is that with mass vaccination programs we are causing vaccinated individuals to spread a more lethal virus which they are no longer able to contain naturally!  THE UNFORESEEN RESULT OF HASTY MASS VACCINATION PROGRAMS IS THAT VACCINATED PEOPLE BEGIN TO SPREAD A MORE DANGEROUS VIRUS THAT THEY ARE UNABLE TO GET RID OF BECAUSE OF THE PERMANENT CHANGES IN THEIR BODY.

Dr. Coleman indicates that all of this has been described by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche whom he says can hardly be characterized as an anti-vaxxer.  Dr. Bossche is an experienced vaccine development expert.   Dr. Coleman goes on to say that when this new wave of more deadly illnesses begins to occur in the autumn, the standard narrative will be that we need new vaccines, but the scientists will not be able to develop them fast enough.

What this means is that all of us -- whether vaccinated or not-vaccinated -- will be in the danger zone.

Dr. Coleman says he hopes he is wrong but this new risk means we need to stop the vaccinations now and collectively rely on building up our immune systems.  Dr. Lee Merritt listed Vitamin D and certain other items to have on hand.

To summarize, in the beginning the COVID risk was greatly exaggerated in order to steer people into accepting mass vaccinations.  Dr. Coleman's point is that the vaccinations themselves are far more dangerous than had been previously argued.  This is a new element.  The Dr. Bossche video is out there if you wish to do more research.

Prayers to the Holy Ghost.
Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD (in Economics)