Metaverse: Blurring the Lines of Reality with NWO Transhumanism
Feast of Mary, Mother of God, January 1, 2022

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Enter the bizarre world of Mark Zuckerburgs metaverse blurring the lines of reality with nwo transhumanism/

As we are coming into the New Year, Mark Zuckerburg would like "Metaverse" to become the new big thing. Patrick Wood provides insight in an interview with Leo Hohmann about the fundamental danger that this poses. See above link.

A couple of months ago an email from Dr. Dianne Irving went out which underscores Patrick Wood's observations with her own teaching experience. She also adds some comments from her close friend Linda.

[Note: FYI. Linda is right on. I have often "noted" in my emails my experience as a professor, teaching those who were later to be called Millennials. I taught the History of Philosophy, and noticed that when I got to Aristotle's Logic I'd put up on the board his classic syllogism: "All men are mortal; John is a man; therefore John is mortal". The students just stared at me with blank expressions. After the 3rd time this happened, I just stopped, put down my notes, and said to them, "You really don't get this, do you?" They agreed, almost crying; they weren't trying to be obnoxious; they just could not get it!!! Nor could they get Aristotle's other Logic dictum: "If A, then B; if B, then C; therefore if A then C." The use of Reason was way beyond them! They could use the Imagination, and use Feelings (addressed by Linda Goudsmit below), but they absolutely could not use Reason in their thinking -- including Logic! Scary ...... -- DNI

(from Linda)
Ladies, This may be the most disturbing article I have ever read - ever.

Space is not the final frontier - reality is!

A smiling Zuckerberg is shown presenting artificial reality as a game. The problem, of course, is when humanitarian huckster Mark Zuckerberg puts on headgear he is selling the game - the feeling of being somewhere when you are not really there. The psychopaths who are socially and genetically re-engineering humanity are not interested in games - that is the con - the games are strictly for public consumption. The game is a marketing strategy rooted in feelings, designed to persuade you to buy into a future where fact and fiction converge into a virtual existence.

The globalist megalomaniacs who are driving the movement toward the managerial state are only interested in absolute power, and they are not playing games. They are seducing a regressed gullible public with fun and games and feelings because no one ever seduced a child with spinach.

The artificial reality of the game they are promoting is the objective reality of a schizophrenic. Being out of touch with objective reality is the traditional definition of insanity. The difference between sanity and insanity is knowing what is real and what is not real. The malevolence of the Metaverse is its goal to blur the boundaries such that the public can no longer distinguish between the two - it is literally driven insane. Insanity is then perceived as sanity. It is the quintessential manifestation of Bertrand Russell’s educational goal to convince students that snow is black.

The psychopaths driving the movement for planetary governance are in the process of persuading the public that objective reality does not exist. They intend to replace objective reality with artificial reality - the Metaverse - where people will own nothing (including themselves) and be happy. The con, of course, is that the perpetrators will remain in objective reality where they will be empowered to control you, your mind, and every aspect of your enslaved life.


( Linda offered links to two of Zuckerberg's sales pitches--

There is a lot to absorb here. You are going to have to keep an eye on the globalists' agenda towards a transhumanist state, sometimes referred to as POST HUMANISM.

Today is the Feast of the Mother of God. There is a sister site I watch called the House of Mary. I call it a sister site because it was created by a Carmelite sister, Sister Anne. After 33 years as a Carmelite, she felt a calling and prompting from the Lord to promote the Rule or Order of Mary. You can find out more about what that means at her site:

As we enter the New Year our challenges have never been greater. The physical and moral dangers posed by the globalists' drive to inject mRNA "vaccines" into every human being will turn out to be one more step along the road to the loss of our humanity. We must resist them!!

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD

P.S. Here is a link to the historical account of the events for the third Ecumenical Council in 431 AD that answered the theological debate about Jesus' very nature that led to Mary being declared the "God Bearer" the Mother of God (Theotokos) in the fifth century.