Dr. Robert Malone's Epiphany Moment for Us
Feast of the Epiphany,
January 6, 2022

Friends of LifeTree,

Click to watch Stew Peters interviews Dr Malone on the death serums

Today's Feast of the Epiphany readings talk about bringing glad tidings to the poor, proclaiming liberty to the captive and recovery of sight to the blind, letting the oppressed be free and proclaiming a year acceptable to the Lord.

I offer you this Malone interview by Stew Peters because it sheds new light on what we are going through.  My last email talked about what is happening to those who are getting the vaccine--about the introduction of manufactured new technology into human bodies that allows for control.  The very essence of humanity is under attack.

This Malone/Stew Peters video takes us one step back to the blueprint they are working from and who are involved.  They created a situation (COVID deaths) which leads to mass anxiety and then moved to take advantage of the situation.   It is becoming obvious that they want to inoculate everyone who is not a member of the elite class with a genetic altering vaccine. Unfortunately its side effects will make people drop dead or have a shorter life span. This is a crime against humanity and a catastrophe the likes of which the world has never seen.

What people would want others to be killed?  Malone says this is a government psyop campaign against its own people.  Malone gives a hint about who is calling the shots when he refers to the October, 2019 Event 201 meeting at John Hopkins University as the "CIA shop".   The coronavirus was released from the Wuhan Institute in late 2019.

Dr. Robert Malone helped invent the mRNA vaccine technology and has been researching vaccines for several decades.  He is careful to keep his inferences about CIA involvement somewhat fluid because the CIA element is new for most people. What is so unsettling and is becoming more apparent is that our government is working against its own people!

He suggests that the CIA is managing the psyop for the domestic US government outside the US borders to get everyone vaccinated and then getting their UK buddies to manage the same psyop within the US.  That gives the CIA cover because the activity against US citizens can't be legally tied to them.  (24:00)

Dr. Malone mentions the name of a senior BIO Warfare expert who has worked in several administrations and who was in Wuhan at the time the virus was released.

He said there exists a cohort of scientists who believe they are privileged and so smart that they don't have to follow the rules.  They feel entitled to go ahead and mess around with nature. They took a bio weapon and stuck it into a vaccine.

He described the three top ways the new spike protein in these vaccines injure people.  For those who want to know if there is a way to reverse the damage done by the vaccine Dr. Malone seems optimistic.  He recommends they contact Bruce Patterson who has done AI deep research. (41:00)

We pray to St Joan of Arc on her 610th birthday.  She was born into a France just 50 years past the devastation of the Black Plague.  Half of its population had been lost.  Do not lose hope!  This world too will survive with the grace of God.

Elizabeth D Wickham PhD
Executive Director, LifeTree.org