Dr. Zelenko: Transhumanist Goals of the Globalists Behind the Scamdemic
February 16, Saint Juliana of Nicomedia

Friends of LifeTree,


The COVID experienced family practice doctor in upper NY State, Dr. Zelenko, offered a two-part interview with The Midnight Sentinel.

Part 1:  (beginning to the 35 minute mark) -- Famous Zelenko Protocol about early medical treatments for COVID.

Part 2:  (35 minute mark to end)  --  COVID is designed to be a bioweapon.  Fear of the virus will lead people into taking a vaccine which is designed to change us into transhumans.

Here is a short summary of part 2.

COVID-19 is a bioweapon.  Researchers at UNC-CH were paid by our own government to develop COVID-19 as a bioweapon.  What is in the vaccine helps measure biometric data and transmit that data to a third party.  The goal is that every person will have a tag identifier.

We are experiencing a global coup that uses panic introduced by a bioweapon to convince people to take the real weapon-- a vaccine offered as the "solution".  Coincidentally, one of the patents has patent number W2020060606 (for microsoft).

The patents describe what is going on.  High tech nanotechnology will give every person a tag identification for which biometric data can be measured and sent to a third party.  The biometric data can link to a cryptocurrency system.  One of the purposes is to control our buying and selling using a social credit system (as is more fully developed in China).

The whole project is under the control of a few global sociopaths brought together by Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum.  In 1970 the WEF's Leadership Center started training young government leaders in an assortment of countries (Germany, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc) to enact their agenda.

A mapping of the human genome was needed first.  This has been accomplished.  Now what they are doing with the vaccines is like using a scissor to cut out a fragment of our genetic code and splice in a foreign genetic code. The mRNA vaccines change who you are.  They offer what can be thought of as a computer platform from which to go from machine to human and from which they edit your genome, i.e., change who you are.  This is what is known as Transhumanism!

Here is some history about one of the experts on transhumanism.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Kurzweil

We have God's wisdom in our God-given genetic code (Humanity 1.0).  Sociopaths want to create Humanity 2.0 made in the image of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.   These godless people want to change you into cyborgs or robots or whatever they believe will help them transfer their own consciousness to others and thus live forever.

It is time to take action! We are given consciousness and free will. We have access to God.  However, there is no natural way out of this mess without a return to God!

We are called upon to resist with the help of St. Michael and all the saints of heaven,

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD