Who's Who in the Covid Criminal Network
February 18, Feast of St. Simon

Friends of LifeTree,


A diagram of the COVID Criminal Network is more complicated than you can ever imagine!  Inside this Mercola link is a way to find the pdf of a 170 page document[1], a document which explains the loose and very large organizational structure of public-private organizations and the people who are dedicated to changing the nature of what it means to be a human being.  These diagrams represent networks of Covid leaders who guided our travel through a planned pandemic.  Here you will find hundreds of networks of people participating in one of the greatest crimes against humanity the world has ever known.

At the time of this writing a large majority of the US population have received at least one of the mRNA vaccines for Covid.  Why are they insisting on the goal of 100 percent vaccination rate?  Do they have the upper hand in reaching that goal?  Absolutely, if we continue to be complacent!  As unbelievable as it sounds we are on the way to  becoming nations of robots controlled by a small global elite.

How could this have happened?  Again, a little personal history.  For two decades LifeTree has studied changes in medicine that argued for death, not life.  In particular, we see a problem with the new subspeciality of palliative medicine.  Unfortunately, most of us have been asleep or in denial. The process has been ongoing for decades. This 170-page series of diagrams/document (link is in footnote 1 below) shows the connections between the Gates Foundation, Welcome Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, WEF, WHO, GAVI, CEPI, the Global Fund, DARPA and other NGOs and Big Pharma... and names individuals who are participating in this hideous crime against humanity.   The document contains references to about 6500  Persons, NGOs, Companies, Documents and includes more than 7200 links showing how they fit together. Perhaps you want to know how the dollars flowed.  On p. 131 you will find a small sample of the funding of CEPI, Pfizer, WHO, Center for Global Development, and a few others over the past 10 years.  The money goes both ways!  Only in the age of computers could such a massive set of connections be demonstrated and recorded. Here is a vast amount of documentation about how they are accomplishing the Great Reset.  I suggest we seize this opportunity to understand more! This is much more than the usual notion of social re-engineering!

PLEASE spend some time.  I recommend that you print out a few pages of the document to get a flavor of who is spending time with whom.  You will be amazed at the time and effort these people put forth to orchestrate such a mass program of eugenics.

The term the World Economic Forum uses is The Great Reset.  The Great Reset is a vision for transferring the world into a totalitarian and authoritarian surveillance state manipulated by technocrats to manage traumatized populations, to shift wealth upward, and to serve the interests of elite billionaire oligarchs.

Their ultimate goal is to have a network so powerful that it can transform humanity into internet-connected cyborgs.

Pray the Holy Rosary.

On his feast day we pray to St. Simon, a member of the extended Holy Family.

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD

[1] https://clubderklarenworte.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Netzwerkanalyse-Corona-Komplex.pdf