Judy Mikovits: Keeping Our Eye on the COVID Bioweapon
March 3, Feast of St. Katharine Drexel

Friends of LifeTree,


Judy Mikovits, PH.D., Research Scientist, Virologist, HIV/AIDS
Tea Time:  Episode 23, CHD

Most of the news this last week was about what is happening in the heartland of Europe. Our attention was focused on Russia, Ukraine, NATO, kinetic weapons, nuclear weapons and a seemingly unexplainable invasion by a world leader.  However, let us not forget that for months our attention was on the COVID "vaccines" and countless numbers of unexplained adverse events and sudden deaths.  Dr. Judy Mikovits offered many important thoughts and even some hope-filled countermeasures in a Childrens Health Defense interview this week while at the same time Putin's ventures around the Ukraine drew our attention away from the COVID Pandemic and a bioweapon delivered by a vaccine.  Let us review some of the facts.

Earlier emails from me explained how the vaccine mandates are part of the  Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum's ambition of a "Great Reset."   We talked about how the mRNA vaccines contain new technology that will allow the global elites to define a two-class society of haves and have nots and how humanity as we know it is targeted for destruction.

We called your attention to the fact that WEF has been training a cadre of Young Global Leaders for several years.  Along with the former head of Germany some of the more recognizable and influential Young Global Leaders include the heads of Canada, France, and New Zealand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Global_Leaders
(Note, there are some surprises!)

In many of these countries governed by YGL there have been peaceful demonstrations against the vaccine mandates followed by totalitarian-style arrests.

Time will tell how involved the Russian leader Vladimir Putin is with the WEF "Great Reset" but for a seemingly different reason this the last week he dominated the world stage.  Is the timing a coincidence or part of a well orchestrated plan?  A quick google suggests that the Putin advances might be part of the World Economic Forum strategy towards a One World Government. Where is the evidence?  We see in the link below that exactly one year ago Mr. Putin was welcomed by Klaus Schwab at the WEF Meeting during the height of the Pandemic. Maybe that was not a coincidence!


At the top of this email a Tea Time Interview of Judy Mikovits and Israel citizen Ilana Rachel Daniel is made available. Permit me to focus on Dr. Mikovits' comments.  She reminds us that for over 2 years we have been engaged in combating a virus that we are told is causing catastrophic numbers of deaths. It is becoming clearer, however, that the COVID "vaccine" is really a toxic bioweapon with the capacity to control all of humanity.  Judy Mikovits' interview serves to remind us that in and around the Putin-generated war is another not-to-be-forgotten global war.

Dr. Mikovits is a biochemist and molecular biologist who knows the effects of the mRNA Spike Proteins on the body's cells because she has worked with these viruses for the greater part of her career. This woman has not only received little attention for her expertise on COVID but she has written several best selling books on the topic--  Plague (2014), then Plague of Corruption (2017) and just released Ending Plague (2022) distributed by Simon and Schuster.

At the very end of this video (at 1 hour 14 min to end) she explains that the worst pain of all she had to endure was the loss of her husband on December 1, 2021. You will be shocked to hear how it happened if you do not understand today's palliative care.  But maybe his death (with COPD but recorded as a COVID death) is getting some needed attention.  Her explanation is a story that is happening all over the country. It may become God's way of exposing the new subspecialty of palliative medicine developed over 4 decades and funded by George Soros' Project on Death in America and other philanthropies.  (See www.lifetree.org/timeline).

Let me point out that the way he suddenly died after entry of the travelling palliative care nurse into his hospital care exemplifies an underlying factor in the change of medicine over these last few years that should be receiving much more of the spotlight.

We pray to St. Katharine Drexel for her guidance in fighting this war against humanity.

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD