Catherine Austin Fitts: Digital Concentration Camp Copy
St. Vincent Ferrer, April 4, 2022

Friends of LifeTree,

(Part of this email is a repeat of last week's LifeTree email, but please read about St. Vincent Ferrer and what he was able to accomplish in the days following the Black Plague.)

Here is a good starter video with Catherine Austin Fitts talking about a small sliver of the grand scheme called the "Great Reset". She focuses on the financial coup that will allow them to control our daily lives.

But before reintroducing Catherine Austin Fitts and this video from USA Watchdog let me just say that a software problem cut short the full send last week by LifeTree of CAF's remarkable explanation of what is just around the corner in the "Great Reset." In retrospect, the Lord must have had a hand in the software glitch because today is the feast day of St. Vincent Ferrer. This saint can be considered the saint for our times because for those of you interested in papal history let me share with you the significance of today's Saint of the Day Saint Vincent Ferrer. He was born 672 years ago in the height of the Plague of the Black Death (1347-1351), and from an email I recently received you will be shocked at the similarities between St. Ferrer's times and ours.

The present Crisis in the Church, of having two popes, is not new in the Church. There have been more than a dozen such instances in Church history. While nearly all of them included rivals which were supported by diverse factions of notable size (perhaps that of Benedict IX [...]

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Catherine Austin Fitts is a genius about managing money.  She was assistant secretary of housing and urban development for the first Bush administration.  She talks fast but please try to take notes. You  will remember her as someone who helped you understand the shift in monetary base the WEF/Davos crowd are working on.

She calls for us to do everything we can to 1) NOT go along with the vaccine passport and 2) work AGAINST the shift to CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies).  She recommends "pay with cash" Fridays.

"This is a control coup. Do not comply and do not let them take away all your assets."  CAF

It is obvious that the vaccine passports are a way for the authorities to control the transactions in your daily life.  She says simply that we should work to stop vaccine passports.

She explains how a new financial system is robbing the old financial system of its assets.  We will hear that the "old system is out of money" and that certain obligations such as healthcare for the elderly will be "unaffordable." But of course, depopulation is one of their goals. The COVID vaccine is one of their tools.

You should know that Catherine Austin Fitts offers her research to the public four times a year by publishing the Solari Report.  I highly recommend that you subscribe.  Go to

As brilliant as she is, this lady is compassionate and positive.  Her goal now is to form an army of people who can help those who have been harmed.  Her motto seems to be "you are stronger than you think."

Prayers to the great healer, the Holy Ghost
Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD