Chossudovsky's Big Picture: 2 Diabolical Projects Unfolding Simultaneously
Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker,
May 1, 2022

Friends of LifeTree,

{Editor's Note: Apologies to those who may be receiving twice.  This version includes the link to Professor Chossudovsky's article}

Professor Chossudovsky's article describes his view of the big picture to date.

Looking back, it now becomes more clear that the "health experts" who at the John Hopkins Center for Health Security war-gamed a pandemic in October, 2019, had a vision for our future.  Their goal was to gain unprecedented control over all our lives and to exacerbate the division between the "haves" and "have-nots".

Event 201 was a 3.5 hour tabletop exercise simulating a hypothetical pandemic. Thus began the first of at least two diabolically manufactured crises to control all of humanity using Economic Warfare.   Phase 1 (COVID-19 Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates)  directed at more than 7 billion people began in the fall of 2019. Phase 2 (reignite the age-old conflict between Russia and Ukraine) just emerged in mid-February, 2022.  Now, about two months after military warfare began this new conflict is unfolding simultaneously with the mandates.  The latter seems to be a different economic crisis threatening to become an East v West  showdown but Prof. Chossudovsky paints the big picture that the same powerful actors on the world stage are behind each of the two interrelated crises.  

These two crises are both aimed at creating economic and social chaos. Many observers see additional projects in the making such as additional pandemics, global financial collapse and cyber warfare.  The end goal is to create a One World Government a/k/a the "Great Reset" or the "Fourth Industrial Revolution."

We pray to St. Joseph, Patron of Workers, on this his glorious Feast Day, 

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD