How you can stop the Byden scheme to Surrender our Healthcare Decision in Emergencies to the WHO
May 16, Feast of St. Simon Stock

Friends of LifeTree,

A delegation from the US Dept of Health and Human Services is headed to Switzerland from May 22 - May 28.  These people were hand picked earlier this month with only a few hours of publicity on the web.  Led by the head of HHS the delegation will be  taking over a series of amendments to change rules and regulations of a current health care treaty.  Since this is an existing treaty from the early 2000s these amendments do not need a 2/3 vote.  Passage can be by majority vote.   The amendments will set up the framework whereby decisions dealing with public health emergencies of international concern will be turned over to the World Health Organization, in reality to a subsidiary of the Communist Party.  Note, public health mantra can include anything!
Please try to listen this afternoon and tell others who are interested to join with these leaders who include Dean Michele Bachmann and Dr. Peter Breggin.  
Here is the promo taken from the web:

It is appalling that the Biden administration has actually initiated the greatest voluntary surrender of our national sovereignty since our Republic was founded.

As things stand now, at a meeting of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland between the 22nd and 28th of May, U.S.-proposed amendments will be adopted that would make the Director-General of the WHO the sole arbiter of what is a “public health emergency of international concern” and dictate how our government and others must respond to it.

The WHO seriously mishandled the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting the lies of the Chinese Communist Party, which lies caused the deaths of millions. Do you want these same non-elected incompetents telling the U.S. how to handle the next pandemic? The WHO could force the U.S. to vaccinate everyone, force mask mandates, lockdowns, and quarantines.

Also, the term, “Public Health Emergency,” is ill-defined and could include not only a viral pandemic, but also a rise in crime rates, climate change, or any other issue that arguably may affect “public health.” Further, the attempt to slip this surrender of sovereignty through quietly as a series of amendments to the current International Health Regulations constitutes an attempt to subvert the treaty process, thus performing an end-run around our legislature and the legislatures of the world.

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Please become part of this battle. Register to listen this afternoon from 4:30 to 5:45 Eastern Time.

Elizabeth D. Wickham  
Executive Director,