Stop Politicians From Practicing Medicine: S. 4260 (PCHETA) (updated)
Feast of Saint Alexius of Rome, July 17, 2022

Friends of LifeTree,

I apologize for the duplicate some may receive, but the list for the key staff members for the Senate HELP Committee 117th Congress was left off the initial newsletter.  Links are now provided below for that list.

The link above is to an article published by American Life League in 2018 that outlined the fundamental problems with the recently certified specialty known as palliative medicine.

At the time a piece of legislation known as the Palliative Care Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA) was working its way through Congress.  It was a bill that would allocate enormous amounts of Federal funding to 1) educate palliative physicians, nurses, chaplains, social workers and community healthcare workers, 2) conduct a public relations campaign to convince the public that palliative care is an "improvement" in healthcare and 3) issue government grants to conduct research for public relations purposes on the ways in which palliative care reduces costs and increases quality as defined by governmental ethics (bioethics).

It had passed the House by voice vote and was pending before the Senate HELP Committee in early January 2020.  COVID happened and now we are in the 117th Congress. But little else has changed about this bill.

I recently learned that a new PCHETA bill S.4260 has been introduced in the US Senate and is picking up support/cosponsors. At the present time there is no House bill because the language of the PCHETA bill was part of the House passed "Build Back Better" bill that has failed in the Senate.

The article published by American Life League in 2018 outlined the fundamental problems with the specialty known as palliative care.  This same article could be published today with only minor changes.  The legislation is now numbered S.4260.

The fundamental problems with palliative care and the legislation are well explained in the American Life League article.   Please pay special attention to Ione Whitlock's summary of what we are dealing with, a talk that she gave in Raleigh in 2015.   The text version with powerpoints of Ione's talk can be found at 


The reasons that everyone should speak out and oppose PCHETA have not changed. The current members of the Senate HELP Committee are listed at  Key staff members are listed here (just click the link for the list in either pdf or xls):

Congress Senate HELP 2022 (pdf)
Congress Senate HELP 2022 (xls)

Members of the committee who might be sympathetic are Senators Rand Paul (KY), Tim Scott (SC), Tommy Tuberville (AL),  Mike Braun (IN), Roger Marshall, (KS) and Jerry Moran (KS).  Senator Tuberville is a newly elected member.  Senator Braun is also on the Senate Committee on Aging.   Senator Marshall's website says he is pro life.   Not running for re-election but still a member of this committee who should definitely be contacted is its ranking Republican member Sen. Richard Burr from NC.

We pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to Saint Joseph that people see the value in each and every human being and that no one's death is ever hastened.
Elizabeth D. Wickham