Dr. Ryan Cole: How to Identify a Person Killed by the COVID Vaccine
Feast of the Assumption, August 15, 2022

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If you are searching for the most reliable summary of what should have occurred globally to protect humanity after warning signs began to occur about the mRNA vaccine, here is an expert pathologist's recount of his experiences. Dr. Ryan Cole is interviewed by the VP of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.  He describes his red pill moment that something was fishy when they announced so quickly that they had a vaccine for this coronavirus and that it needed to be distributed at Warp Speed.

Dr. Cole is an experienced pathologist trained at the Mayo Clinic.  He has done a lot of  research on how people die.  He began to see a trend that dismayed him early on in the pandemic.  What happened to suppress information that should have been made available to the public at the outset is revealed in his statements.

There are tools available to see if the cause of a death is due to the vaccine.  To quote Dr. Cole:  "All the medical examiners have blinders on."  "If you do not look, you cannot find."    Through protein studies, stains, etc. there is a systematic process to determine if people died from the vaccine.  But medical examiners are not doing these tests!  He reveals some important information for people who want to close the book on their loved one's passing.  If an autopsy was done or is to be done, then there are tests that should occur to determine whether or not the vaccine was the reason.

We have to give up everything to stand for truth. The medical journals have been corrupted by the pharmaceutical companies.  Demand real science.  Demand all the data and all the observations.

On this Feast of the Assumption, marking the day when Mary the Mother of God was taken up to heaven body and soul, we pray for guidance and inspiration.

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD

Executive Director, LifeTree