The Big Reset Movie (ENGLISH Version): Great Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Transhumanism
Saint Paulinus, Bishop of Nola
October 9, 2022

Friends of LifeTree,

This movie took over 1 1/2 years to make.  It is a summary from a European's viewpoint of what we have been experiencing for the last 3 years.

We can learn more about the truth of the pandemic with the help of experts like the producer of this film. They have divided us through lies so they could turn off society in order to turn it on in a different way.  They are changing us into a Chinese-style society.

The test (for COVID) doesn't tell anything but it was used as a fear tactic to get people to fall in line.  The Media, Big Pharma and Big Tech were the main players.  Even the noble prize winning inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, says it cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. This is also supported by the inserts in the PCR tests which state "This product is for research use only and is not intended for diagnostic use."

We are living in a world of organized crime.  The World Health Organization is at the center.  Some important events and concepts in the process of Social Transformation are:

Event 201 in October, 2019;  Behavioral psychology;  Isolation camps;  Censorship;  Poynter Institute in FL; Digital Dictatorship.

Many of the mRNA vaccines contain graphene oxide.  Graphene is one atom thick and has become popular as a means for biomedical research.  Joining to neurons of the brain, it allows for man-machine interfaces. Transhumanism relies on programming the human like a computer.

Learn about MAC addresses. Here is what my webmaster said.  "I especially liked watching from 1:44:45 on.  Anyone who is a computer geek, like me, will appreciate the discussion about MAC addresses and it drives home the true agenda of these people."

The charity of God is poured forth in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.  On this feast of St. Paulinus we remember another saint, Sister Paulinus, who taught many young children (including mine) in Knoxville's Sacred Heart School to turn to the Holy Ghost in times of trouble.

Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD (in Economics)
Executive Director, LifeTree