The Fatima Message: Recent Interview of Father Kramer by Father Nix
Anniversary of the Appearance by Our Lady at Fatima
October 13, 2022

Friends of LifeTree,

Here is a gift on the day after the 105th anniversary of Our Blessed Mother Mary's appearance to the three children of Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917.  It is a recent interview of America's Father Paul Kramer, a good friend of Father Nicholas Gruner (the recent and suddenly-deceased priest known as the "Fatima priest").

The geopolitical perspective of Fatima's Third Secret is that the end times are near. There will be a one world order with all nations under the power of the anti-Christ. Fr. Kramer says that the religion being taught by Pope Francis coincides with the religious agenda of the UN's One World Order. Fr. Kramer implies that Pope Francis' suppression of the (Latin) Mass is a forerunner to a false and secular Church without dogmas of the faith or strict moral codes. He says the Catholic Church today is becoming the hidden face of the UN's agenda to worship nature and satan instead of God.

There will be a global famine such as the world has never known.  For those of you who are not familiar, the last three years were designed by the global elites and the World Economic Forum as part of a great plan to depopulate the world using a pandemic scare to promote mRNA "vaccinations" and now control the movement of capital goods to create shortages of food and other necessities.

Fr. Kramer repeats again what faithful Catholics have known for a long time, i.e., that to bring real peace to the world here is what is required:  a true and valid pope and ALL the bishops each in his own cathedral on the same day must consecrate Russia by name to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a public forum.  He says that after this happens a conversion in Russia to the orthodox Catholic religion will happen IMMEDIATELY and this will be a beacon for all to follow.  Russia will become an instrument for conversion of the whole world.

Pray for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost,
Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD (in Economics)
Executive Director, LifeTree