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(S) Speaker
(F) Facilitator

Laury L. Adsit National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Madalon Amenta Hospice Nurses Association
Paul Armstrong (F) Timins and Associates
Lynn Beauregard Alliance for Aging Research
Lois Bergeisen Association of American Medical Colleges
Linda Blank American Board of Internal Medicine
Susan Block Harvard Medical School & Project on Death in America
Diane Blum Cancer Care, Inc.
Carmella Bocchino AAHP/AMCRA
Anne Boling Center to Improve Care of the Dying
Lynn Brallier Consciousness Connections Foundation
Thomas E. Bryant Hospice Foundation of America
Roger J. Bulger Association of Academic Health Centers
Michael Burch The American Legion
Phyllis Byard Funeral and Memorial Societies of America
Daniel Callahan (S) The Hastings Center
Lisa Carlson Funeral and Memorial Societies of America
Ellie Carper Center to Improve Care of the Dying
Mike Christenson Allina Foundation
Myra Christopher Midwest Bioethics Center
Elizabeth Clark (F) Albany Medical Center/National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Chris Cody National Hospice Organization
Ruth C. Cohen National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
Rubin Copperman Retired physician
Mary Ellen Courtright FHP Foundation
John B. Crosby American Medical Association
Neal E. Cutler Boettner Center of Financial Gerontology
Thomas Delbanco (S) Beth Israel Hospital/Picker Institute
Steven Devlin Boettner Center of Financial Gerontology
Virginia Dize National Association of State Units on Aging
Richard Doerflinger National Conference of Catholic Bishops
G. Kevin Donovan Oklahoma Bioethics Center/American Academy of Pediatrics
Catherine Ehlen American Association of Health Plans
Michelle Grant Ervin (F) Howard University Hospital
John Feather AARP Andrus Foundation
Betty R. Ferrell Oncological Nursing Society/City of Hope Medical Center
Marilyn Field Institute of Medicine
Linda Fink National Consumers League
John C. Fletcher The Center for Biomedical Ethics, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Kathleen Foley (S, F) Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center/Project on Death in America
Robert B. Friedland National Academy on Aging
Arnold Golodetz American Health Decisions/Vermont Ethics Network
David A. Gould United Hospital Fund
Joan Greco Fred Friendly Seminars
Beatrice Greenbaum New York Citizens Committee-Health Care Decisions
Charles Halpern Nathan Cummings Foundation
Bernice Catherine Harper Health Care Financing Administration/National Hospice Organization
Joan K. Harrold (F) Center to Improve Care of the Dying
Amy Harwell Joshua’s Tent
Hannah L. Hedrick American Medical Association
Penelope A. Hommel The Center for Social Gerontology
Thomas Hoyer Health Care Financing Administration
John W. Hoyt Society of Critical Care Medicine
John Iglehart Health Affairs
Bruce Jennings The Hastings Center
Kay E. Jewell Health Care Financing Administration
Sandra H. Johnson Center for Health Law Studies St. Louis University/American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics
Diane Jones Hospice Association of America
Stanley B. Jones Health Insurance Reform Project
Annette Kane National Council of Catholic Women
Suzanne J. Kieffer Hospice Association of America
Aaron J. Kissel Alzheimer’s Association
William Knaus (S) University of Virginia School of Medicine
Barbara Koenig (F) Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics
Austin Kutscher Foundation of Thanatology
Andrea V. Kydd Nathan Cummings Foundation
Elaine Locke American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Karen Lomax National Center for Clinical Ethics, Department of Veterans Affairs
Jonathan Lord (S) American Hospital Association
James Lubitz Health Care Financing Administration
Joanne Lynn (S) Center to Improve Care of the Dying
John J. Mahoney National Hospice Organization
Richard Mandelbaum American Association of Retired Persons
DaCosta R. Mason American Association of Retired Persons
Karen R. Matherlee National Health Policy Forum
Stephen McConnell Alzheimer’s Association
Catherine McDermott Grantmakers in Health
Alixe McNeill National Council on the Aging
Galen Miller National Hospice Organization
Alicia Mitchell American Hospital Association
Christine I. Mitchell The Children’s Hospital, Boston
Kathi Mooney Oncology Nursing Society
Anna Moretti Choice in Dying
Rebecca Morgan Stetson College of Law/National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Pat Murphy Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Naomi Naierman American Hospice Foundation
Janet Neigh National Association for Home Care
William Nelson Department of Veterans Affairs
Herbert Nickens Association of American Medical Colleges
Laurence O’Connell (S) Park Ridge Center for the Study of Health, Faith and Ethics
Mary O’Malley The Prudential
Kevin O’Rourke Center for Health Care Ethics, St. Louis University
Mark D. Olshan B’nai B’rith
Karen Orloff Kaplan Choice In Dying
Henry Pacheco (F) Center for Health Promotion, National Council of La Raza
Esther Pank Older Women’s League
Daniel Perry Alliance for Aging Research
Linda Peterson American Hospital Association
Susan M. Pettey American Medical Directors Association
Anne Pritchett American Medical Women’s Association
Susan Prokop American Society of Internal Medicine
Rosemary Quigley American Medical Association
Thomas Reardon (S) American Medical Association
Don Reynolds Midwest Bioethics Center
Fenella Rouse Emily Davie & Joseph S. Kornfeld Foundation/The Mayday Fund
Cindy Hylton Rushton The Johns Hopkins University
Charles R. Sabatino American Bar Association Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly
Colleen Scanlon Center for Ethics and Human Rights, American Nurses Association
Charles Scott Population Communications International
Andrew Smith American Association of Retired Persons
Lois Snyder American College of Physicians
Mildred Solomon (F) Education Development Center, Inc.
Deborah Solove Colorado Collective for Medical Decisions
Barbara Spring Missoula Demonstration Project
John Stanley Lawrence University Program in Biomedical Ethics
Ellen Stovall National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Gerald O. Strauch American College of Surgeons
Mary S. Strong American Health Decisions
William C. Stubing The Greenwall Foundation
Joan Teno Center to Improve Care of the Dying
H. James Towey Consultant to Governor Lawton Chiles
Ann Morgan Vickery National Hospice Organization
Bruce Vladeck (S) Health Care Financing Administration
Sandra M. Walter Business & Professional Women/USA
Tracey M. Walton, Jr. National Medical Association
Anne Werner United Seniors Health Cooperative
Anne Wilkinson Center to Improve Care of the Dying
C. Roy Woodruff American Association of Pastoral Counselors
Edmund H. Worthy United Seniors Health Cooperative

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Rosemary Gibson
Lewis Sandy
Steven Schroeder (S)
Paul Tarini (F)
Victoria Weisfeld (F)
Jan Ziegler, Advances
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